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The Ubila project sponsored by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC) of Japan is proceeding in cooperation with industry, academia, and government. The final goal of the Ubila project is to realize ubiquitous networking, where computers and networks are present in all aspects of daily life. The ubiquitous network project undertaken at the Kyushu Institute of Technology as a part of the Ubila project has focused on the development of three key technologies for ubiquitous networks involving diversity and variability; Internet measurement technology essential for controlling and managing the quality of service, routing technology that considers the condition of network, and application technology built on the advanced QoS-aware routing technology.

Internet Measurement Technology
Routing Technology
Applications of The Novel Routing Technology

What's New
  • Dec. 18 ,2006(Mon.)
    open laboratory --- three experimental spaces (Kitakyushu, Yuraku-cho, Akihabara) of Ubila Project
  • June 7,2006(Wed.) - June 9, 2006(Fri.)
  • May 24, 2006(Wed.)
    ACM MobiHoc 2006 - Posters & Demos (Florence, Itary)
    "Handover Management based on the Number of Frame Retransmissions for VoWLANs"
    S. Kashihara, K. Tsukamoto, H. Koga, Y. Oie
  • March 19, 2006(Sun.) - March 24, 2006(Fri.)
    65th IETF meeting (Dallas, TX, USA)
  • 2005 Publications Summary Updated.